Michigan Chinese Business Club

Bridging the gap between Chinese & U.S. markets 

What We Do


MCBC host various discussions on current event topics. Throughout the year, we hold various social events with a focus on team bonding and cultural celebrations. In addition, wellness of our members is the top priority within the club.  


As a Ross Business club, we have extensive resources to help our members with recruiting. Workshop topics include but not limited to resume, LinkedIn, and networking. Moreover, we have speaker summits, alumni connection, mentorship, and career development workshops. 

President's Welcome

Terence Huang
BBA 2023


As the president of Michigan Chinese Business Club, I’d like to thank you for taking the time to visit our website.


MCBC is a Ross-affiliated organization that aims to connect the US and China through business and economics. As a member of MCBC, you will have the opportunity to learn more about various industries, to discuss and stretch your knowledge on US-Chinese business, and to be part of a club that uplifts you not only career-wise but also community-wise. 


When I first came to Ross, I immediately sensed the competitiveness of club recruiting. I quickly found myself in a loop. At MCBC, we want to level the playing field, albeit one step at a time. This is why our interview process is purely behavioural and not technical in nature. We look for members who are not afraid to ask questions, confident in their endeavors, and fun!


I have been part of MCBC since my first semester at the University, and it holds a special place in my heart. One unique aspect of MCBC is that we have leadership opportunities at a very early stage. Many of the board members now have been board members since their first or second semester at the club!


Hopefully this gives you a good sense of what we do as a club and what we look for in future members. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions at terenceh@umich.edu


Good luck and all the best,

Terence Huang

President, 2021


We focus on educating members on various of business topics. Including industry overviews& market updates, investment fund, current event discussions, and project initiatives with various focus. 

Who We Are

Michigan Chinese Business Club is a

Ross-affiliated business club that aims to foster a community centered around exploring opportunities and exchanging ideas with a focus on US and Chinese business. 

We aim to create a diverse and vibrant community where members can learn and grow together as a community. Outside of our core meetings, we have a couple initiatives where members can get hands-on practices in different facets of the club.