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Professional Development

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Professionalism is key in the business work. Our career workshops helps prepare our members. Topics include but not limited to resume, LinkedIn, networking.

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Working together for MCBC market updates and monthly newsletter will not only strengthen your teamwork skills, but will also help you develop business acumen.

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Our alumni and current members have worked at many well-respected Fortune 500 companies. Joining MCBC gives you access to our network. See companies here.

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MCBC will host social events throughout the semester in club and outside of club. We would love to have you join our tight-knit community.

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As MCBC member, we would provide member-only resources. Such as materials from educations and internships and full-time opportunities. 

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MCBC holds industry overviews to help members better understand the various career paths. Then, we host education sessions to help members hone in on the technical skills. 


Current Members & Alumni

About Our Members

Diversity by the number & global reach

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