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01 "I have no business-related experiences; can I still apply?"

Absolutely! The main purpose of MCBC is to educate members on various aspects of business, and the entire application process is mainly behavioral.

02 "I'm not a BBA student or Chinese; can I still apply?"

Of course! MCBC strives for diversity in background, experience, and perspective. Many of our members and students on board are not in Ross.

03 "I am a junior, senior, or master student; can I still apply?"

Unfortunately, for the Fall 2022 recruiting cycle, we will only be taking Freshmen and Sophomores only. However, if you’re interested in being our guest speaker to share your professional experiences, please contact for more details.

04 "I applied to MCBC in the past; can I re-apply?"

Yes! Prospective members can re-apply until the second semester of sophomore year.

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